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The Chihuahua

Addie just got a new pet chihuahua named Bosco. I’m generally a “cat person,” and past experience has taught me that chihuahuas are a bit odd looking and yappy little monsters; as a result, I expected to have little interest in the dog. However, I quickly discovered that in addition to being a programmer, a mathematician, a home repairer and a “cat person,” I am also an excitable teenage girl in the presence of tiny animals, including chihuahuas. It also doesn’t hurt that we got Bosco from excellent chihuahua breeders named Shayna and Dennis Gatzke. Most of their chihuahuas are free from the excessively bulging eyes and flat snouts commonly associated with the breed, because they aren’t running a puppy mill. Further, they invest a fair amount of time and energy training and socializing their pups, which made Bosco (né Ean) immediately awesome.

So, I’m now of the opinion that chihuahuas are pretty great, as long as you don’t get them from a pet store.

P.S.: My oldest cat, Mojo, is an antisocial dick. He attacked Bosco the same night we brought the little chihuahua home. What an asshole.

Published 10 Nov 2011 by